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  • Piret Saag

My Professional Approach...

...combines leading Regional People Partnering team at Bolt and working as an Executive Coach aka a Sparring Partner with ambitious founders, team leads and HR professionals in tech sector.


My mission

I care deeply about seeing more and more companies around us who stand out with healthy workplace relationships and strong leadership culture - key pillars that help businesses scale.


I’m very much driven by opportunities to listen, observe, find and fill communication gaps and utilise my know-how and experience from HR & leadership fields when working with high-achievers who’ve set out to disrupt industries.


My role as your Coach aka Sparring Partner

is to create clarity and awareness around the challenges you face in your personal & professional growth. Our cooperation is about helping you improve your own capabilities and effectiveness, so that the results and performance improvements last. Boom!

Most of the people I work with are already highly functioning, successful people. Like any of us, we may need a sparring partner from time to time in order to feel and perform better. And yes, I do have a coach for myself as well.

Our cooperation consists of check-in sessions either face-to-face or via video calls over a certain period of time, depending on your goals and wishes (usually the minimum is 6 meetups).

Some examples of the pressing issues people have usually turned to me:

  • I need to have a difficult conversation with a colleague and I’m not sure I have the right approach.

  • I am overwhelmed and I don’t want to burn out.

  • I can’t trust anyone else to get this done, but I don’t have time to keep doing this myself.

  • I am great at technology, but all of this “people stuff” is incredibly annoying and frustrating.

  • I just moved into a new role, and I want to be sure that I succeed right out of the starting gate.

  • I’m facing a new situation, not sure how to act or where to find energy.

  • I just can’t seem to get clarity about this decision.

🚀 To get started, we will first have a chemistry meeting where we:

  • get to know each other, test mutual match

  • cover the topics you need support with

  • discuss how success looks like when the desired goals are met and how we measure results

  • decide if we will work together, for how long and on what terms

🙋You can book us a chemistry meeting: shoot an e-mail to


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