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Foto of Piret Saag

I’ve worn many hats in my career


Executive Coach

Mentor for HR professionals

Leader of People

teams in fast-paced scaleups


I thrive on opportunities to ask, listen and bridge communication and performance gaps, utilizing my expertise in the people side of business. I’m excited about shaping a fulfilling work experience within cultures that promote a healthy work-life balance, nurture growth, and achieve business goals. I feel most energized in startups and scaleups where there’s much to build and a high value on strong teamwork.

I’m committed to partnering with leaders to solve both tactical and strategic leadership challenges.
I collaborate in two ways:

As an HR Advisor, leveraging my expertise in the people side of the business for hands-on support.
As an Executive Coach, offering leaders a 'time-out' to reflect on current issues and devise a plan for meaningful change.


I have been lucky to work with many industry leaders and fast-scaling startups in building strong-performing teams while developing my own skills and expertise. 
Detailed overview of my roles on my
 LinkedIn profile

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My trigger points

Mismatch of say-do

Not understanding the “why”

Arrogance, office politics

Bureaucratic hurdles

Calling workplace your family

I care about contributing in 

Businesses/products that solve real pain-points for customers, drive a positive change and make money

Culture - strong believer in the right culture builds the right team builds the right product

People capitalizing on their strengths and elevating each other -> efficient and fun collaboration

Being able to see the real impact of team’s work while constantly learning new things

Pro bono work / giving back in education sector

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