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Getting Your Hands Dirty with Code

So it happened yesterday.

I completed my first programming course in Python.

While working together with engineers and discussing different topics, you obviously learn a lot on the go, at least to bluff a bit :). But getting hands dirty yourself with variables, modules, errors, if and else… the whole different world!

In my work it's rather crucial to understand the details around various roles in an organisation, and sometimes the best way is to jump in yourself to get a sniff.

I bet most engineers wish if only their non-engineering colleagues understood better how an engineer thinks and works. Well, despite those being just baby steps, I believe I’m a little closer now.

I guess I liked those “respect, mom” moments at home as well :)

The challenges of learning something new and getting out of your comfort zone — man, it just feels good!

As I don’t have to hide my source of joy, maximum points to this MOOC by University of Tartu:

Highly recommended — every non-techie can do it.

Happy Code Week everyone!

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